Rhyn Trilogy

Katie’s Hellion, Book 1, by Lizzy Ford

I couldn't take anymore of Ever from The Immortal’s so I switched to my kindle and devoured Lizzy Ford’s book Katie’s Hellion. This is not a Young Adult book. It was a most interesting read and the only issue is that it’s on my kindle, which the kindle is not a friendly device when you actually want to owe the book. I am not a fan of kindle and now I have to figure out if it’s possible to get the rest of trilogy.

The story was interesting. Ancient beings that can only be compared to the Greek Gods and their mythologies, except they feed on human’s and need their blood so they are like vampires. Rhyn has been imprisoned in hell for thousands of years and doesn’t realize that times have changed. Actually all of the ancients don’t seem to realize that women are now treated with respect and almost like they would treat a man. They treated girls like trash and at first I figure great another book exactly like the series I just stopped reading. But I found that most of the Ancients were open for change and I have a feeling that Rhyn will be a very nice person by the end (though person is very much the wrong word for him).

Oh and the cover... not a fan. The tattoo is described as on her neck with a dark wine red background. That is so not the tattoo!

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