The Child Returns, book 1 by Kristen Taber

The story starts off with the characters already in love with each other. Which was much nicer than the usual insta-love. I enjoyed the tale of Meg. I find the theory that powers are born similar to help balance the country interesting. The powers aren’t just limited you are taught as you grow that no matter what your power is you are a uniquely special person.

The lack of currency is interesting. And I would like to know more. I work in a bank so the idea of not having funds to exchange for items is odd. But in their world no one goes hungry. I also like how she didn’t try to create earth just special. Earth is still there, it’s just another planet in the galaxy. It’s also interesting that the characters had doubts and fears and it was shared. They aren’t just suddenly thrown into a horrible situation and come out on top. They worry and fret.

It's also an interesting cover. I don't really get it. I thought they were white not gray...

It ends like there's a second book but so far I can't find it :(

Happy Reading

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