Bluegrass Series

"He's coming!" Daisy put down her phone, "Will's on hi sway. He just left Lily Rae's. He was there looking for Keena and she directed him down here. He'll be here any minute! Everyone, act casually."

Bluegrass State of Mind by Kathleen Brooks

Glad I didn't see the cover before I read the book. Sure this one was a lot more rauchy than what I usually read. But after reading about Aliens and superpowers it was nice to float back down to earth for a good old sourthern love story. Of course you just have to thrown in horse derby's, high fashion clothes and laywers! Having lived in a small town I could very much relate to how overwhelming a towns hospitality can be if they like you.

At first I was really annoyed with how descritive the author was of Keena, it made it seem like Keena was really self-involved and thought herself hot stuff, but then she proceeded to do that with every character. Every character was beautiful and wonderful but their looks weren't perfect there were curves and fat involved. AND a characters traits were mentioned, like if they were kind or warm or friendly or evil! It was refreshing because even the evil blonde was beautiful. Which was refreshing. Oh and she described the men the same way as the woman.

I am not a person who shops on brands but for a girl who has a budget she bought allot of expensive doir armani etc clothes that she wore for one or two hours. I get that when she was a big lawyer in the city that kinda makes sense but not when her paycheck has dropped by 3/4.

My favorite character is Mo. And I would love to see the end of his story. But it looks like the next two books are about Paige and Danielle whose stories I also want to know so maybe one day Mo's will get out there!

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