The Gypsy King by Maureen Fergus

The Gypsy King, book 1 
Release Date: January 22 2013
Publisher: Penguin Canada
Received from: NetGalley
Rating: 4
Cover Thoughts: kinda boring
Review: I am not quite sure what I was exciting from this book, but I definitely was not expecting the ending. I hate cliffhangers, they make me wish I had never started. The biggest issue I have is that because this is a soon to be released book it means that book number two is still in the early stages of being written and that I will have to wait an eternity to continue on with the story.
And what a story it is.

Mateo is adorable.
Cur and Ivan are my favorite side characters ever!
Persephone does what I would have done, said yes but totally been lying because the lie was what felt right to protect herself.
Azriel is hot. LOL...

My favorite part of this book was at the castle. The horrors are there but a person is so easily able to shove it in the background because of the 'beauty' of nobility. There was a moment were it could have been a love triangle but for once it was quickly solved and the one I wanted there was there. And the love didn't really mean much in the story. You knew it was there but both characters had better things to do at the time then romance each other. A very nice change. There are definitely issues with this book but I just sat down and thoroughly enjoyed it not really looking at the book as something I 'had' to review but more of something I wanted to take my time and enjoy for no one but myself and so I found it a good read.

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