Black Butler Vol 11 by Yana Toboso

The Black Butler series is the first manga I have ever tried reading and it is a pretty awesome one to start with! Vol 11 just makes me crave more, thankfully I was smart and waited to read it until I got 12... but after 12 I am not really sure what I will do!

At the end of Vol 10 I was kinda thinking that I wish the one character had done something about his doubts. The beginning of this Vol starts off exactly how I wanted it and then builds into a whole new story. My biggest problem is because I read the Vol's so far apart I start to forget characters and their names. So this guy with the glasses is introduced like we've seen him before, but I totally don't remember him!

Now for my emotions!

I love Elizabeth's reaction to Ciel on the ship
And then the reaction of her parents is even better
I am most curious as to her relationship with her brother... What kind of brother gets upset when he no longer has to escort his baby sister!
Is the man in glasses good or bad!
And the ending! What large teeth she has!

I have a feeling 12 is gonna be a cliffhanger ending! I love how the inside cover is partial colour and always a different colour with different outfits!

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