Black Butler Vol 12 by Yana Toboso

SPOILER WARNING... can't review without spoiler the last 11 volumes. I suppose I should have posted that on every single one of these posts... oh well.

Vol 12 has ZOMBIES

Zombies are my least favorite creature in the world. I don't like games with them detest shows/movies. Now they've taken over my manga! The interesting part though is that the Sebastian and Ciel have never seen or heard of Zombies before and as such have no idea what they are or how to fight them.

I loved this series!

I figured out who the guy in glasses was, he's new, but he's partner wasn't. We've seen her... or him not sure before. And she is in love with Sebastian (though who isn't...) except she calls him Sebastian Darling which is something he hates. (REAPERS!!!) There's on picture in this book that I would love to share except I feel it's a big spoiler. It's a hilarious picture making fun of a good movie.

It didn't end on a horrible cliffhanger I suppose. But I have decided I want to dress up as Lizzie for comic-con! If such a thing was probable

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