12.21 by Dustin Thomason

I was very lucky a couple months ago and due to another contest winner, winning the same book somewhere else asked the book to be past on to someone else and it was passed onto me.

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12.21 by Dustin Thomason
is a very different type of book for me. This is a Medical Thriller. Medicine is definitely not my thing, needles are terrifying and I am not a fan of hospitals. There's only one part that was slightly disturbing and it had to do with autopsy a still warm body EWWWW.

Stanton is a very interesting character and I would like to know more about his history and his ex-wife.

Chel is most interesting. Her knowledge extensive  I couldn't imagine knowing some many things about a culture. I find her mother a interesting character in that she very much denied everything she was. That would be very hard to do, though I understand her reasons for doing it.

I loved the ending and as much as I hate dislike children it was a good ending to the book. Happy Reading!

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