The Magician's Beautiful Assistant and other stories

I have been in a reading slump. Not sure what to do, I picked up off my shelf The Magician's Beautiful Assistant and other stories by Rachel Wyatt hoping for inspiration in the reading world.

Story 1: Goats
The story is as odd as the title sounds. Except that the couple in the story while going through some life changes actually love each other. They care about each other and each others dreams. I like stories that remind me of my own relationship. It also makes me think that while finding it may be hard there are people who have similar relationships out there.

Story 2: Starry Night
"I haven't striven"
while I don't recommend anyone exploring the way Antonia did. It's quite interesting seeing someone else compare their success at life with everyone else's and to allow that comparison to bring them down into a slump. But then to see that a climb up has become.

Story 3: The Worrier
Bendrix is the extreme case and yet I understand it. What I like is that he's able to change it. My favorite character is the father. He is hilarious! And it's interesting to see someone in my situation. I loved the happy ending!

Story 4: Kindness
Well this was a weird story. I am very confused by it. The person you think is good and lonely in the beginning turns bad in the end. And the one you thought was a creeper comes out of no-where. Strange and interesting.

Allot of these stories mention Alberta and Calgary. Takes some getting use to seeing places you know in a book. More tomorrow