The Magician's Beautiful Assistant and other stories Part 2

I have been in a reading slump. Not sure what to do, I picked up off my shelf The Magician's Beautiful Assistant and other stories by Rachel Wyatt hoping for inspiration in the reading world.

Story 5: Ice
"Muktuk" is the traditional Inuit/Eskimo and Chukchi meal of frozen whale skin and blubber. Ewwww I won't eat it either! Interesting story. A man goes into the storm to look for his daughter and loses his food. Not a fan of snow. I had to make a tea half ways through the story to warm up.

Story 6: Summer Romance
Well after the Ice story I was looking forward to some sunshine, instead is a lonely girl and a murderous man. Their triangle and her journey to a new path. I really hope her book turns out!

Story 7: The Magician's Beautiful Assistant
This story felt like two stories built into one. It started with a character built into another character then moved to that characters son who was the assistant and the magician was a lawyer.

Story 8: In the Shape of a Man
I feel like in each story I get a little more confused than the last. He's an engineer but going to war but not. I am confused. I like how he calms the situation, but I definitely can't relate.