Evernight Book 1

Evernight by Claudia Gray 

Finally a story that drew me in and made me want to read. It’s been far too long since I've read a book. The glimmer and the glammer the steps I think that was my favorite part of the book. She felt herself fitting in and realized that wasn't what she wanted and escaped. Most heroines give in and go back but she didn't  Of course she did get distracted.

The story was much too *Insta* love for me. But I did got over it because for once they actually tried at a real relationship not something just based on emotion. They talked and didn't just make out all the time. And they really got to know each other. So while it was a little too fast I suppose it worked. I also liked that she was not okay with his violent streak. She did not accept that as an okay part of him. It was nice to have a girl who would stand up for herself and not let him control her.

I also really liked that her parents were part of the tale. She spent time with them. Yes they were teachers at her boarding school, but they were a part of her life and a strong part at that. She wanted to talk with them and share things with them. And her parents reacted and behaved like normal parents. They weren't anything you usually get in YA literature. It was refreshing to have her go upstairs to her parents apartment for Sunday Dinner and to introduce her boyfriend not hide him away, whether or not they approved.

I want to know more about the evil lady in this story… and the sweet gentleman.