Half Broke Horses by Jeannette Walls

I received an email from Calgary WordFest about Jeannette Walls coming to Calgary. I am of course always excited to met authors (even if I am a big chicken and can't talk to them!), that I immediately emailed it out to all the book club girls and asked if they wanted to read one of her books and attend the event! So tonight we are headed to Calgary Epcor to see Jeannette Walls in person and hear about her books The Silver Star.

(small spoilers included in review)

We choose to read Half Broke Horse. Which is a tale from the 1900's and starts off with a flash flood!

It's like Laura Ingalls meets reality. The thing I liked the most is the matter of fact way it's written. For example Lily's mother is fragile and cannot help on the ranch so by age six she's already out there helping her father break horses so they can earn an income. Or her father

"When Dad was a boy of three, he was running through the stable and a horse kicked him in the head, practically staving in his skull. Dad was ion a coma for days, and no one thought he'd pull through. He eventually did, but the right side of his body had gone a little gimp. His right leg sort of dragged behind him, and his arm was cocked like a chicken wing. Also, when he was young, he'd spent long hours working in the noisy gristmill on his family's ranch, which made his hard of hearing. As such, he talked a little funny, and until you spent time around him, you had trouble understanding what he said."

That's just the way things were. She looked at things logically and then worked through them logically. Sure there was allot of emotion, like when she got kicked out of boarding school or her sister died. But she was logical. And it was refreshing. I think I have been reading to many YA Fantasy Romances because this was like a breath of fresh air.
Now I am going to try and get my hands on Glass Castle and I plan to get all three books signed tonight!! Fingers crossed!

Due to the Alberta Flooding the event was canceled.