The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls

The previous book Jeannette Walls wrote was about her grandmother. This book is about her own childhood. It's an interesting tale to read and I'll start with something I've heard from a few ladies. If your a mother this story will be hard to read. When of the first thing that happens in the story is Jeannette making lunch at three years old. She is wearing a tutu and cooking hot dogs on the stove. She realizes to late that her tutu is on fire.

The tale that follows is full of children fighting, digging through garbages, and building houses to stay alive. What I can't believe is that the welfare guy never came back. That Rex Walls was never caught and how someone with Rose Mary Walls upbringing could do such a thing to her children.

Jeannette Walls makes it all seem like fun and games which as a child it probably was. The stories fun grows up as the children grows up. And I found the change in Jeannette, Lori, and Brian very interesting. One lose end that was finished was Maureen. I suppose this is because it's based on a true story there hasn't been an end to that line. I would be most curious as to how she ended up.

I am looking forward to Jeannette's next book. AND hopefully her event in Calgary will be rescheduled.