The Silver Star by Jeannette Walls

Bean is just like one of my sisters. Actually one of the differences between the Holladay sisters and my sister and I growing up is we had parents who were very much every part of our lives growing up. But I could very much picture doing everything those two did. Mid way through the book that opinion of my changes but I think that is because of my current age. At 16 and 12 we probably would have made the same mistakes.

The Silver Star is a great read and I really enjoyed it. I like how Bean's name is Jean but she's called Bean because she's tall and skinny. (I remember when my sister had a green winter jacket, she looked like a bean pole, if she reads this she will be horrified that I would bring such a thing up)

I really enjoy how Jeannette Walls can take a horrible story and turn it into something that's okay, wonderful, and relatable (at least for me). I also can't believe that in one week I've gone through an all the books she's read. That's pretty awesome!