Birthdays of a Princess by Helga Zeiner

I found out about Birthdays of a Princess from the Proud Book Nerd yesterday morning. It sounded like a interesting read and so I bought it right then and started reading. Took me about five hours to read it. This is definitely one of those books I could not put down until it was over. It covers a very heavy topic and is not an easy read. For a really good review and a sneak peek at the book go to Proud Book Nerd's post on it, as I will not be able to write it so well.
Some things I would like to say about the book though;
I liked how Stanley handle Tiara. He didn't push and never touched her.
I am super happy with the ending even if it was completely predictable.
I can not believe how many horrible parents there are out there. It makes me really thankful for how I grew up and how most of the people I know grew up.
I don't understand how her mother and even her grandmother could be so selfish.
I loved Connie, even if she was just a small part of the story. I like how she introduced Tiara to computers and the line that Tiara used after getting the computer. I am not sharing it because it's a big spoiler in my mind, but it was a really good line.