Eyes of E'veria Book One

The Ryn by Serena Chase
Thank you so much to Serena Chase and Proud Book Nerd for the opportunity to read this story. I loved this book. Rose/Rynnaia was a fabulous character. After reading two severely heavy books I was really glad to dive into some fantasy. The Ryn was a perfect pick for that.

What I liked about Rose is that she had a personality that was extremely strong right from the start where she steals a horse and through till the end. Unlike most heroins in her type of situation, she didn't whine or complain or act immature. It was refreshing to watch her grow. She starts off young at 12 and we end when she is 19.

Proud Book Nerd loved Julien and while he was an amazing character in the story I LOVE Kingley and I hope that Erielle and him end up together :)

Looking forward to the next book!!