A Goddess of Partholon Novel

My Sony EReader has died.... again (of course it died in the middle of a book in the middle of a dramatic sentence!)

I find when I am sick I either sleep or read the sickness away. It's been two years since I was sick and this time I choose to read

Divine by Mistake by P.C. Cast
I want to argue the title as Shannon seems more placed on purpose than a mistake.

I remember reading this series when I first got the books. I was shocked, uncomfortable and my memory says I didn't enjoy them. And yet I could not give them away they have stayed on my shelve, unfortantly going yellow in the sun :( waiting for a raining day or in this case a sick day.

I like Shannon and I like ClanFintan and while their love comes rather quickly, it feels real and honest. I like the set up for the next book as it's subtle and the current story wraps up almost neatly. The end battle was a little... rushed or short. Not sure which is the right word.

The movie references are not something I remember. I do think it's a little odd how much she fantasize about men. But that's not something I can really relate too. Which is why I look forward to Victoria & Dougal and Carolan & Alanna's relationships. Should be interesting.

I have a much better review of the book here and you can see all my notes on the series here! Happy Reading!