A Goddess of Partholon Novel

Day Two of being sick. Another Book

Divine by Choice
This book picks up close to where we last left off. Except for a few changes, the book is overshadow by something I am not a fan of. Due to this I wasn't able to enjo the story as much. Actually I am really disappointed in this book and I am hoping the next one will be better

- I don't agree with cheating, whether your goddess or god says it's alright
- why does pregnancy have to be the only thing that happens after marriage
- there is not enough time spent on my favorite characters

However this was a natural progression of the story and it fits perfectly along with the other book. It just was unfortantly not the type of story I enjoy. I find it odd how second books are never as good as the first and usually the third! So fingers crossed the third is good!

I have a much better review of the book here and you can see all my notes on the series here! Happy Reading!