A Goddess of Partholon Novel

Couldn't sleep so I read another book... day two continues and I'm still sick

G-pa and G-ma... really?? What would ever make someone shorten a name to that?? 
While childbirth is something I will never experience reading about it is also something I wish I could never experience. For a birth scene though it was horrendously gross but full of ... love joy happiness and sadness. 
Mynra is an interesting character. She stood up for what she wanted and understood her path even if it wasn't the one the world had planned for her. She was accepting and at peace with it. 
I have to agree with my first review I believe this one was my favorite. Mostly because Morrigan is so head strong. I really enjoyed the ending too. 
I have a much better review of the book here and you can see all my notes on the series here! Happy Reading!