A Goddess of Partholon Novel

Day Three of being sick... I am very much looking forward to not being sick! (hopefully I am not still sick on the day this post actually posts...)

Elphame's Choice by P.C. Cast
Most definitely my favorite so far. I love Elphame! and Brenna, Cu, Fand, Brighids, Lochlan and probably a dozen more. The female characters in this book were strong and powerful and that is refreshing. There was no insta-love or stupid talk, the girls were logical!

There are only a few things I want to mention that kinda annoyed me.

First the time-line. There's a 125 years between the first book and this book and four generations of woman.
Book one had her first daughter at 36 (Shannon)
Book two the daughter of book one at her daughter at 18 (Shannon's daughter Mryna)
Book three story was not really related to the other two (Rhiannon (Shannon's mirror image) daughter
Book Four aka this book is book ones great great great granddaughter (Shannon's daughter Myran's who died giving birth to Etain eldest child is Elphame, the main character in the book. Etain made Elphame five years into her marriage and she could have gotten married between 18-30. Elphame is 18 in the book

The time line just doesn't make sense I don't feel like a 125 years could have passed. Even if you took the higher numbers in this 18+30+18 = 66 year time frame. That's quiet the cap.

But it was a good book and I highly recommend reading it. If you would like a much better review of the book go here and you can see all my notes on the series here! Happy Reading!