A Goddess of Partholon Novel

Day Four of ickieness. This post was publisted today it was written in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Brighid's Quest by P.C. Cast
I am so glad this book picked up on my favorite characters and went crazy. These last two books were great ends to the story and I thoroughly enjoyed them.

You and Elphame view the world the same. You're both strong, logical females who don't tolerate nonsense and don't want to waste time on pretenses and excuses.

I think the best part of this series is that the women are strong and the men are strong and they work together and have good strong relationships built on trust and love. These relationships can be dissolved at anytime but always last a lifetime. It refreshing to see as it's not something you see now-a-days.

While being sick sucks it has been nice to immerse myself in one long, well-written tale about enjoyable characteres with actual morals.

I have a much better review of the book here and you can see all my notes on the series here! Happy Reading!