Eyes of E'veria Book Two

The Remedy by Serena Chase

After receiving the first book of this series I was so glad to find the second book already available! I devoured this book as quickly as the first and I am very sad it's already over. I have really been enjoying some good books this month and I want to continue this trend.

The Remedy starts off where The Ryn ended. Rynnai is a great character. She throws her title around a bit to much at the beginning but later the lesson is learned and she is quite humble. In this book though the people I wanted to know more about were Erielle and the Pirate. I no longer want Erielle and Kinley to end up together but I really want to know what prophecy and the story behind the Pirate and the changing of the eyes.

The story ended exactly as I wanted! And while I didn't quite expect the way the prophecy turned out I liked that version better than what it was predicated as. I also really like that relationships in this book are meant to last. They learn from their fights and grow from them, they don't instantly break up and that's the end. Relationships were built on trust there was no lies held between the to and it was/is refreshing.

The only sad thing is that these books are only available on kindle. AND I hate kindle and amazon... I only have it because it's cheap and you can get free books, I would really like to get this books in paper!

Oooooh and I got Rynnai's necklace in the mail! I love it