The Mortal Instruments

City of Glass by Cassandra Clare
Battles, speeches, death, character growth. It's all in this story

Here we met Sebastian. Who is like every other boy in this book is - to die for HOT. But there's something under there that only Jace sees and as usual that makes everyone angry at Jace. You would think at some point they would start trusting his instincts.

Simon is my favorite character, though this should come as no surprise he has been every single book so far. In this one he gets Marked and I can't wait to so what it does.

Clary drives me nuts in this one a little to impulsive with a big head and yet my favorite scene is when she first sees her mother and the very first words she says to her.

Jocelyn comes as a high second favorite I would love a back story on the Circle with her as the main character.

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