Black Butler Vol 14 by Yana Toboso

I probably say this about every volume but this one is my favorite.

It starts off where 13 left off and the jumps to a Easter Party. It bothers me that the British don't discuss things (like Elizabeth's unexpected skills in 13) but the Easter Party makes up for it.

I would love to do an Easter hunt like this one with teams, competition for a big prize and real eggs to carry!
Maybe I'll figure out a way to do it at work! Anyways this part of the book really made me want to watch the anime because it would be fantastic to see it in color!

Can't wait for volume 15!

I also can't wait for this shelf to be full of butlers!

SO I wrote this and then realized I totally skipped book 13! OMG that is the worst thing ever to do! So now I am off to read that one quickly! and maybe the whole series again

Oh and the cover makes so much more sense now... and gah worst thing ever to do!

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