Black Butler Vol 13 by Yana Toboso

Volume 13! The Story of Elizabeth! I thought I had read this one, so when I got 14 I dove right in! But I hadn't read this one and that's horrible for many reasons!

1. It's the freaking story of Elizabeth! I've been dying to know more about Ciel's beautiful fiance! Especially her age! She's a year old than him and wears flat children shoes so she's not too much taller than Ciel. And she makes a promise to protect him at any cost even if that means becoming something he said he didn't approve of. Which of course cause an interesting exchange between than and well, I am so glad that as an arranged marriage they really do care for each other!

2. I missed so much story! The Undertaker! That was a complete surprise and it really makes me want to reread the entire series from beginning to end! And now I know how they got onto the boat in 14 and where Elizabeth went and everything makes so much more sense!!

I just love this series!! I really would love to see Elizabeth in colour!!

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