Fifteen Minutes by Karen Kingsbury

Release Date: October 29, 2013
Publisher: Howard Books
Received from: NetGalley
Rating: 4
Cover Thoughts: rather boring but I don't pick up Karen Kingsbury books because of their covers
Review: I don’t remember the first book I read by Karen Kingsbury but I do remember my friend gushing about how wonderful the story was. It was her new favourite author and I remember by the time I finally got down to visit my friend she owed 5 or 6 of her books, which of course I immediately devoured. My opinions on faith and religion have changed since then so reading her books is a much different experience than it used to be.

I usual fight religious books and try to find errors in what they are talking about (which way to easy). I have decided to be more passive and read with less judging. People’s opinions in stories don’t have any effect on me. What is interesting is changing my attitude towards how to read Christian books and this story. We have a show called 15 Minutes. Basically you are looking for your 15 Minutes of fame and Zack our main character a strong young Christian tries out for the show.

His motivation isn't about fame it’s about money, savings his farm, and sharing his faith. What I like is that Karen Kingsbury is so attuned with young people that she is great at writing how things would actually happen. True emotion. If you were in that situation you could easily get overwhelmed and caught-up in the act of being big on stage. I love how Zack loses his way. I also like that in the end nothing is certain but Zack does find where he stands and he manages to stand there and stops getting caught-up.

I of course would have preferred that Zack had won and learn to overcome the hype with his views on religion intact. But that’s not what the story was about.

I of course would love to know more about Kelly and Chandra. They are most interesting characters!

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