The 228 Legacy by Jennifer J. Chow

Release Date: August 1 2013
Publisher: Martin Sisters Publishing
Received from: NetGalley
Rating: 4
Cover Thoughts: a perfect fit for the story
Review: Silk - her name makes her seem like she would be like Silk - soft loving and wonderful to have. She doesn't start off that way. She does however grow into it and completely opens up. I find that her denial was a legitamate way of handling things but she let the denial go to far.

Abbey - I am confused by her age... grade 5? I feel like that makes her five years old. But I suppose that makes her closer to ten or twelve. Twelve seems more likely. I like how she is the one that holds things together, she seems much to strong and I am glad that she does have things for herself that are more her age. I love that she joined school groups and turned things around for herself

Lisa - Boy did she ever annoy me at the beginning. I thought she was an immature mother who should have had her child taken away. But she really grows on me in the end. And I love where her story ends. It was a wonderful journey to see her get from where she started to where she ended up.

Jack - I could not figure out his connection but I love who his story wrapped into the ladies. I also love how he was the emotional support for everyone.

Fantastic story though slightly sad.

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