The Lotus War by Jay Kristoff

I have been wanting to read Stormdancer since I first read Cuddlebuggery's review back in 2012. Since then Cuddlebuggery has had Jay Kristoff many times as a guest writer and I have always enjoyed his posts. I am so glad I finally ordered it and starting reading! It took my a little bit to get into but that wasn't because it wasn't good it was because work was insane and I was super stressed. But once I got started I had trouble finishing. If only work could be put on hold while finishing a book (though then I would never work!)

I loved this cover and I really enjoyed the book. Yukiko, Kasumi, and Aisha were strong females that all had different skills and depths. Hiro and Kim were a surprise especially at the end. And well I loved Buruu! Seriously I asked Kevin if I could have him for D&D! If something were to happen to my tiger that is, I have determined however that Kevin is a meanie because he said no I couldn't have him because he's a magical beast and not a standard animal :( We shall see...


I love the tattoos and their symbolism and how it defines the low-born from the high. Descriptions were written like poetry. You could almost taste the harsh air in town and the refreshing rain in the sky.

I am super happy that I have the second book already!!
Happy Reading!

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