The Lotus War by Jay Kristoff

Book Two: The Kinslayer
I wanted to love this book. I really did. And I did enjoy parts of it. I really enjoyed Michi-san story. She is an amazing girl, her back story is heartbreaking. I also enjoyed No one's story, her back story is also heartbreaking and I loved her brother even when he was a complete douche. Daken was a refreshing little bit of story.

Yukiko story however was good to start but later started to frustrate me. The little turn at the end irritates me so much!! I can't even discuss it because it's a major spoiler! And Kin, I expected that ending but it shouldn't have happened! There should have been a great side arc of them overcoming the racism. But stories don't work that way.

The ending chapters felt rushed and short. There wasn't enough put in there. I wanted more from the end. I wanted more from Yukiko and Buruu's appearance. I wanted more of Buruu's history and I definitely wanted to know more about the title of the book!

Problem is book three is not finished yet. There is however

Praying for Rain - Lotus War 0.5#
The Last StormdancerLotus War 0.6#
The Little StormdancerLotus War 1.5#

SO I will be finding a way to pick those up. Hopefully. Happy Reading!!

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