Leland Sisters Book 1

Bewitching Season by Marissa Doyle

This book was the second book I reviewed for this blog. I have since read hundreds of books but I finally went back to this one. I also picked up the rest of the series and am looking forward to reading those. That review I mention was written Oct 23 2009! That's four years ago! And yet this story came back and it's just as good as it was then. When I wrote that review I shared this quote

"These side-ringlets are so silly. I feel like a chandelier, with prisms bobbing around my ears," Pen complained to the room in general. The maid ignored her and muttered under her breath, counting.

"But they look so delicate and pretty on you." Persy had sat on the end of the bed, holding her own ringleted head as still as possible while trying to chafe some feeling back into her cold hands.
It's a pretty good quote!
This book still reminds me of a Lori Wick book though I haven't read Proposal in forever either! And I'm off to read book two!!

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