Leland Sisters Book 3

Courtship & Curses by Marissa Doyle

I have to say so far this is my most favorite one of the series. Sophie is a fun character and I truly enjoyed her family relationships, her friendships and her loyalty. All those things are missing from books written in NOW time. Sophie's aunts are fantastic creatures. Amelie was refreshing and I just loved Parthenope (even though her name totally reminds me of a house)

Woolbridge is also quite a character though between him and Hester I am unsure who is my favorite. I would be most curious as to how the story plays out later after the book ends. How does Sophie's Dad take the truth? Do the many couples mentioned get married??

There is only mentioned of a James Leland... so is the next book about him?? And hopefully also about Parthenope. How do you even pronounce Parthenope?

I don't have the next book in this series. So I am not sure but I will read next. But hopefully it will be just as good. I really enjoyed this historical, fantasy fiction! Oh but I do hate the cover. The books don't match on my shelve! and they aren't the same size! Very disappointing!

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