Robert Langdon

Inferno by Dan Brown


Is the fourth book in the Robert Langdon series. I really need to read books 1 and 2. But alas here I am at the end of the series. And it was good. Not good in a sucked you in can’t stop reading good, but good in a way that had my thinking. Thinking about population – how true is this theory?? I can actually see it being a pretty accurate theory. Humans are very much like rabbits. It makes me glad I have made the decision to never have children.

It was good in a way that kept me coming back. I would read a couple hundred pages and then take a break for a day or two and then come back. Sienne – I still don’t understand the hair thing.

The amnesia thing was a little too Jason Bourne for me.  And the fact that the whole things was a set up, as was Sienne, and a few other things seemed a little far-fetched to me and more like Dan didn't know how to tie all the stories together.

There is allot of art and stuff in here that I just don’t understand. At times it got a little too in-depth for me so I would only skim and not fully read. But that didn't make a difference to the story not fully reading those parts.

I very much prefer this book though over the third book and definitely prefer it to the movie (which is based on the first book).
I also find how Elizabeth Sinskey was describe very interesting.

That’s all from me!! Happy Reading!!

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