The Morganville Vampires #1

Glass Houses by Rachel Caine 

And I am back to Vampires. Not sure this is a good thing or not yet. BUT this book had a different take on things and that made it interesting. It was also short and I read it in two and a half hours.

I like the house, I like Michael what I don't like is not knowing how one is changed from human to vampire and how this is such a secret.

I liked Shane and the bedroom scene (not a dirty bedroom scene, just an event that happens in a bedroom). I also enjoyed how he handled the book.

Eve is awesome. Too bad about her friend and her boss and her family and well, the girl just has no luck.

And then we have Claire. Who for the most part acts her age. She's a 16 year old in college. She gets tortured and the first thing she does is sit down and have a good cry, like she should, like any 16 year old girl would. It's refreshing. However like any girl over time she grows some balls and fights back.

I'll look for the next book, it's not high up on my list but if I am short a book I'll find it. Right now I have a huge stack of books to read!

Happy Tuesday. (Oh and I hate this cover!)

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