Freak of Nature by Julia Crane
Release Date: January 9 2012
Publisher: Indie Ink
Received from: NetGalley
Rating: 4
Cover Thoughts: accurate
Review: Like the two books before this one I read this in one sitting. It was a good read but small things annoyed me and those things have unfortunately taken over.

1. Babe.. I hate that word
2. Matter is spelled with two "T's"
3. I think Lucas still took advantage of the situation. And I really don't like him
4. The big bad boss give up way to quickly

However the paintball scene was fantastic and Kaitlyn as a character responds mostly how I think one in her situation would. I would definitely like to know more about Quess - especially her name which is extremely unique. How would one pronounce Quess??

Oh and how brilliant is the IFICS - Science backwards! Never would have thought of that

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