The Last Apprentice

Night of the Soul Stealer Book 3 by Joseph Delaney

I started reading this book and about half ways through I got annoyed and put it down. I was annoyed with

- the Spook not sharing more details
- the Spook getting sick again
- the Spook not preparing Tom properly
- how whiny Tom was
- how gross the description was of the lamia witch

I picked it up the next day and finished it. All my annoyances went away and it was a really good read.

- the Spook learned he needed to fill Tom in, to ensure everything went properly, probably not a lesson that will stay learned but it made things better
- the Spook got better and the ending was good
- Tom might not have been fully prepared but he handled things well and set things right
- the whining didn't go away but Tom had little time to actually whine the last half of the book
- the descriptions are still gross!

Happy Reading!!

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