The Last Apprentice

Attack of the Fiend Book 4 by Joseph Delaney

I brought this book when I went to the doctor's office. One of the staff called my name and another's name together and we started to walk towards the doctor's office. Now I had put the book in my purse but my mind was still stuck in the story that I missed half their conversation and realized I looked like an idiot when they both stopped and stared at me.

I think I should find work in a book store...

Obviously I enjoyed this book. But it was gruesome. The others have been pretty descriptive and disturbing in parts but this one was one scene after another. First they must go into a grave, then crawl through the tunnel you find in the crave, then through the lake in the cavern at the end of the tunnel. Once through the lake there's the dungeon and you aren't at the top of the dungeon either!

At the end of the book Tom turns 14.

On the back cover it says "Ideal for the reader who has outgrown Harry Potter"

Maybe that's why I am enjoying these so much. Harry got boring.

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