Kidnapped by Dee Henderson

Kidnapped by Dee Henderson was a gift I received for a Holiday Book Swap from Victoria - Mine to live... with Faith, Hope, Love, and Coffee. I have been wanting to read this book for ages and so I am so happy Victoria choose this book to give me!

I wanted to love this book. I just couldn't. It was a great story, just not typical Dee Henderson writing for me. I enjoyed it till mid-way through and then there's was an expected twist. And while the twist was something I expect would  happen it kinda annoyed me that it happened. I was hoping Dee Henderson would turn the twist a different way. 
This book didn't have any characters that I recognized from any of the other series. Which is okay, but after the last book I did except to see a name I did know. 
I liked Sharon. I like her part of the story, her motivation. 
I also liked that the bad guy got stabbed. 
I was reading through the synopsis again and it says that this is book four of the Uncommon Heroes series. But then says it isn't. Which is completely confusing. Anyways I am so glad to have read it! And Dee Henderson now has a folder on my kindle. 
Happy Reading!!
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