Piper Anderson Book 1

Chasing Justice by Danielle Stewart

Piper is a interesting character. Who starts off with no direction and is just doing things to get by to start. One scene changes all of that and leads to a crazy swirl of events. I really enjoyed the story. I liked the twist with Michael and am glad the way that relationship worked out. Bobby was typical male character. Nothing special with him, except obviously he was the main love interest.

The only thing that really annoyed me is that Piper's past kept creeping in. Her past is something that could have been fully left for book two. I feel like it was out of place in the book and the scenes could have been better if that hadn't suddenly made appearances. Maybe if it had been done more as a flashback instead of story I would have enjoyed it more.

Good short read.

Happy Hump Day!!

P.S. I dislike the cover...

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