Blood Hunters Book 1

Blood Guilt by Marie Treanor
Release Date: June 5th 2012
Publisher: Marie Treanor (self-published?)
Received from: NetGalley
Rating: 4
Cover Thoughts: one reason why I picked it up
Review: This book really through me at the beginning. I was expecting an adult fantasy novel but not with that type of start. So after skipping the first few pages I dug in. It’s a really good story. I am curious as to how things will play out in the next three books (thankfully I already have them!!). I struggled mostly with the names! Two of the characters have basic names that make sense to me Maximillian, Istvan, and Robbie. But the rest are so confusing.


Those are three of the names that I am slightly confused on how to pronounced. I continually wanted to pronounce Miheala like Michaela. Saloman like Solomon and the I would cross it between Solomon and a salamander. Angyalka I just got no idea.

That said it was interesting enjoying a book with a child as the main story. He wasn’t the main character just the focus for the entire book. I like how there is thousand year old vampires and telepathic’s and betrayal. Oh and when one kills a vampire that person absorbs their power, even if they aren’t a vampire.

I am also still trying to figure out why Salonman forgave Maximillian and how that happened. There was a little too much adult in the story, but it actually reminded me of P.C. Casts Divine Series.

Blood of Angels is book two! And I am off to read it!

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