Blood Hunters Book 3

Blood Descent
Release Date: May 23 2013
Publisher: Marie Treanor (self-published?)
Received from: NetGalley
Rating: 4
Cover Thoughts: one reason why I picked it up, though I am not a fan of this one as much as the other ones.
I hated this book to start with. I mean how can anyone do better than Istvan and Angyalka. And until one particular scene probably around 75% in I still wasn't a fan of it. I think the big factor in that is Konrad was/is an arse. Blinded by the past unable to move on.

Maggie however was wonderful. I enjoyed her. I liked her little baths, her inside head friends. The way she kept friends, dinner, and lovers separate.

And I hope hope hope that Dmitriu story is next. Because I would really like to know more about him and Janine.

I could have done without the Elizabeth part of the book. But unfortunately that was pretty vital to the story. Thankfully that part wasn't graphic.

Happy Monday!!

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