Blood Hunters Book 5

Blood Chills by Maria Treanor
Release Date: February 13 2014
Publisher: Trident Media Group
Received from: NetGalley
Rating: 4
Cover Thoughts: Love her hair.
Review: While book four was definitely  my favourite. I still quite enjoyed this one. It's been about a month since I read the first 4 of the series, so I took a bit to remember who Cyn was, but I definitely remembered Bela. He is a hard character to forget.
I didn't quiet understand the attraction to him as I don't find bald men all that fascinating (thank god Kevin's grandparents didn't bald, so he should be safe). But as with all the vampire men in the story he was charming and nice. Though a tad demanding.
I enjoyed Cyn and her becoming okay with herself. Rudy was a nice touch as was Cyn's mother, nice to have semi present parents. I suspected the murdered a bit before he was uncovered. But there was still a twist I didn't see.
All in all a great addition to the series.

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