Cloaked in Danger by Jeannie Ruesch

Release Date: January 27 2014
Publisher: Carina Published
Received from: NetGalley
Rating: 3.5
Cover Thoughts: why I picked it
What I was expect: Ninja’s (or something of the similar notion), dark corners, assassins, intrigue
What I got: was a rule completely ruled by her emotions (not that unlike me), weird time frames (it’s written like it’s 2014, but the girls wear dress, corsets, and petticoats, and there’s carriages)

I did not read the synopsis for this book. This should teach me right off to not expect things because books are never what you expect. I enjoyed this book. There were odd parts, things moved a little quickly for my taste but seeing how quickly my own relationship developed only a tad slower I am okay with this. Aria whose name is extremely unique, is a very interesting character. My favourite scene was when she confronts Adam about the secrets and he thinks she’s trying to ruin him and she thinks he did something horrible. Which he did do something horrible but not the thing she thinks. I also really like Adam’s mother. Actually I liked all the parents in this book, they were present!!

All in all a good read. I enjoyed it.

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