The Fairest Beauty by Melanie Dickerson

I love fairy-tale stories changed and redone. So I have been looking forward to four books written by Melanie since I discovered them for 99 cents on amazon. What I didn't realize is that Melanie is a Christian author. Which I don’t have a problem with but most ‘Christian’ books barely skim the topic. This one did not.

Sophie was a devout Christian. And her reasoning was not logical. For example praying to love your enemies –

“of course, as a servant, it was a sin to run away from one’s mistress. But would Sophie not actually be saving the duchess by escaping? By leaving the duchess's service, she was keeping the duchess from further sin – the mistreatment of an innocent person. And Sophie was innocent, for she had always tried to be a good servant to the duchess.”

Of course it’s also a typically romance. The two fall in love, luckily things happen and they both suddenly become free to marry each other.

With all that out of the way I did enjoy allot of the book. I especially enjoyed the Seven and their cottage. I enjoy the unique take on the seven. The last half of the book was definitely the better part. I will definitely still read the other four books. Because I do believe they will be good, even with the contradictions of religion in it.