The Healer's Apprentice by Melanie Dickerson

Well, what a great ending to the series or beginning??? Three out of four great reads is a good number for a series. I quite enjoyed the Healer's Apprentice. Tis the tale of Sleeping Beauty. I was very curious how the sleeping part was to come about and that was an interesting twist indeed.

I really enjoyed the side story with Rose's friend. One of my favorite parts of the story. I especially liked the law that was used to help out. What an unusually law to have.

When Rose it's hurt the first time I found the reaction a little bit odd and stockerish.... plus the rule was already in place so didn't really make sense. It's also sad that it happened more than once. I suppose people really are blind to the things that happen around them.

Great book. Great end to the series. Still some religion but manageable this time.