The Smart Girl's Guide to Getting What You Want by Mary Hartley

The Smart Girl's Guide to Getting What You Want: How to be assertive with wit, style and grace
by Mary Hartley
Release Date: April 22 2014
Publisher: Watkins Publishing
Received from: NetGalley
Rating: 1
Cover Thoughts: I really like it
This book’s set up was weird. I would hope that when it’s in book form you would be able to see her examples better and her headlines. But in EReader format it was very confusing. I really wish people would design EReader books properly. Also the examples are not really examples they are referencing movies or different things that I have no idea. For example

“Leading Lady
The character Eve Harrinton in the film All about Eve (1950). She insinuates herself into Bette Bavis’s life and while pretending to be a worshiping admirer, sets out to wreck Davis’s career and steal her man. “

Ummmm that’s great but it’s a 1950s movie I have never even heard about. A proper story about have gotten my attention. Instead I ended up just skimming.

That said she had some great points
-          Knowing your soft spots – aka weaknesses
-          Letting go of old messages

This lead to another second thing called PicTure ThiS (and yes it was written like that…)

“PicTure ThiS
You are trying to lose weight to fit into your beach outfit. You eat some chocolate

Call the guilt police!

Try ThiS
Don’t use the word “guilt”. So you dropped off your self-imposed diet wagon for a moment. You may be disappointed in yourself, you may be demotivated or you may experience a number of emotions, but guilt should not be one of them”

Great… then what should you do??? She says nothing about what you should do. She just goes from the Guilt issue to the blame game.

I stopped reading when the examples turned to issues with your children. Pretty sure this book is not designed for me.