I don't know how or when or why I took this picture but I am so glad I did. Because on Friday April 11 somehow, somewhere I lost my Kindle. I know I went out of lunch that day and read while eating on a bench on Campus. I am pretty sure I also read later that night when I was on the bike at the gym. But Campus hasn't had anything turned in and neither has the gym. And so it was lost.

I do know I made it to Thursday April 17 before I couldn't handle not having a book on me. I did read the Squawking Chicken in between that. But I was/am currently reading the most interesting tale and I haven't been able to finish it. PLUS I just got access to one of Jojo Moyes new books and those are too die for reads! So Thursday I dragged Kevin to Staples and we bought this beauty

It's black and that's about the only difference. In the end it is cheaper for me to buy a new kindle than to go without. The kindle costs 83 bucks (I always get the cheapest version), the second I read four books it's more than worth my time. In 2014 alone I read 32 books on my lost kindle, which I bought for Christmas 2011 and received on January 4th 2012. It lasted me just over two years. I think I made money on that little gray kindle.

I am so happy to be reading again! And so that is what I am off to do! Happy Sunday!