Whispers from Mirrowen Book 2

Dyrad-Born by Jeff Wheeler
Release Date: February 4, 2014
Publisher: Amazon Publishing
Received from: NetGalley
Rating: 5
Cover Thoughts: It’s a little different and definitely not perfect but it’s functional.
Review: This one did not take me so long to read. Mainly because Phea drew me in the second I met her. I absolutely love Phea! And I had the entire weekend to read as Kevin needed to study and TV/Movies distract him so it seemed like a good time to read.
Phea is an interesting character and I like her right from the beginning. She does allot of growing during this book. Her relationship with her first family is really refreshing. As is their desire to keep her save.
I am so glad we got to see more of Kishion. He is definitely my favorite and I can’t wait for certain things to happen with him.
Annon seemed allot weaker in this book and at the same time a stronger leader. The ending was just heart breaking.
Hettie and Paedrin continued on exactly as I had hoped and I love the two of them.
We did not see enough of the Prince and the healer but I think they almost deserve their own book.
Ermerus will be missed.

The only thing is it ended in another cliffhanger… and there is no book three L there’s no notes about it nothing on his Goodreads profile and I am so sad. :(