Lost Souls Book 1

Retribution by Amy Thompson
Release Date: April 15 2014
Publisher: Mark My Words Book Publicity
Received from: NetGalley
Rating: 1
Cover Thoughts: muh doesn't fit. I hate the smoke.
Review: First way too much explaining.
Second way too much focus on each others bodies.
Third arrogance is high. Seriously for college age students they are very full of themselves.

Do girls really dance with their backs up against a guy... I suppose I have never really paid attention to grinding... gross. Old school dance like the waltz is so much better.

"I mean I was dancing with Kaiden and Max like that too. Well a variation of that, but I kept it classy and actually knew what I was doing"

Nothing makes grinding look classy. And there's no way to "know what your doing" unless it's like Dirty Dancing...

"my savior, my exception" god lord what an awful book. There are no words. This book was a full disappointment for me.