Debt Collector

By Sarah Kaye Quinn

1. Delirium
Man Characters name is Deliriurm he goes by Lirium. It's not technically his real name but his collector name.
I don't like the name Tilly.
A sex worker addiction is an interesting way to take the edge off something.
Interesting concept trading your life force.

2. Agony
Apartment changes
Debit cards fully loaded
Glad Lurium is cleaning up
Also this is my favorite cover for the entire series.

3. Ecstasy
Well that was an interesting twist. I'd really like to know how society got to this level.

4. Broken
Ophelia... was she a betrayer in Shakespeare's story too?
One side it's nice having the same information as Lirium
But on the other side he did grow up in this culture and knows more.

5. Driven
Well he has guts. I think like him
The titles of the sections have worked really well so far.

6. Fallen
WELL that was an interesting read. Finally things go crazy!! Well it’s probably the third time it’s gone crazy. I can’t believe that happened… it can’t be true…
At least Ophelia isn't a betrayer.

7. Promise
Elena is a unique surprise and one I assumed from the beginning. Hope that works out

8. Ruthless
Flintstrom is an interesting name. Elena does some crazy things. So does Dr Brodsky and Lirium's mom. I feel like out of everyone in this book Elena and Lirium have it the worsest. They are the ones who will loss everything.

9. Passion
You know this would have been the perfect ending if it was for the sex and the making out. Blarg... All I wanted was a perfectly wrapped ending. When you take out those parts. It was great. There was action, death, blood, conclusions, twists and I wish Ophelia somehow came back from the dead...But I am pretty sure she doesn't. Great story. Really enjoyed it!