Fairy Tale Murders by Kelly Money

Fairy Tale Murders by Kelly Money

I received this book through Fedeli Publishing, Inc. Carol Hoenig was kind enough to send me a physical copy of the book through the mail. I had just finished a book and immediately dived in.

By page 29 I was ready to give up and stop reading.  The writing is well done but the craziest thing happens on page 29. It's pretty gruesome and overwhelmingly disturbing. I watch 48 hours a bit, but reading it is a totally different image. Reading it makes it more real. Suddenly it's an image in my head.

And I would have stopped reading it, if I had received it in any other form but directly from the Publisher and in actually book form. But I did keep reading and while I did slowly get desensitized to the gruesomeness of the murders, the description of them also lessened as the murderer didn't really change his process. But I got involved, I become invested in Kate catching the murderer. I want him solved.

The ending didn't have enough details. What happens to him afterwards. Does he ever understand the consequences of his actions? Does the beast surface again? How does Cinderella go on? How is Harpers family?

Anyways I am glad I stuck too it. It was a good read.