Ranger's Apprentice Book 2

The Burning Bridge by John Flanagan

Oh I love Horace! I know he's suppose to be a big brute of a fighter but I like him. He is a fantastic supporting character who ends the story on a crazy high night that leads to a major cliffhanger.

I enjoyed every aspect of this book. From Horace and Will's practicing leading to trouble. To Gilan inner monologue.

When I finished reading this I jumped off the bed and raced to grab book three, thank goodness I already have it. But now I am worried it will end just as badly and I don't have the fourth book. Also it was already 10 at night and I should go to bed! But to not start the next chapter would drive me crazy and I won't sleep anyways!

Also the bridge plan was awesome. I love the descriptions of Will not moving when watching and the reasoning behind it.

Goodness, I love reading!